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Louis Riel School Division

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With Red Leaf since
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from Grade 8
to Grade 12
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Sanford (33 min.)
Selkirk (34 min.)
Oakville (54 min.)
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english and french
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Winnipeg Richardson International Airport

Louis Riel School Division

Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) is a division of public schools in the Winnipeg District, Manitoba. The district is very large and welcomes international students to study, participate in the community and enjoy a unique experience.

The international program is homologated and teaches quality classes in English and French, it also provides support courses in English (EAL / ESL).

In addition to the annual and semester programs, the district offers short-term courses where the student can attend class as a listener during any period of the year, or take their accredited Accredited Summer Enrichment Program. The educational experience that students receive at LRSD helps foster their personal, academic, and social growth.

The district has many special programs such as: French Immersion, Advanced Placement, Accredited Technical
Vocational Programming (Accredited Post-Secondry Programs), sports, fine arts, music and more.

LRSD's academic resources include: Libraries, state-of-the-art computers, science labs, theaters, gyms, music and band rooms, art rooms, and craft program for secondary and post-secondary.

Its qualified staff supports students from their arrival at school and informs and guides them throughout their stay, helping them to plan their future.


50 Monterey Road
Winnipeg MB R2J 1X1

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Educational ideology


The Louis Riel School District seeks to develop caring, literate, and capable individuals who value learning and strive to reach their potential while pursuing the good of all.


The mission of the Louis Riel School District is to foster safe and inclusive environments while developing global citizens through partnerships between home, school, and community.


These beliefs and commitments guide our processes and are important to all members of our community.

  • We celebrate a culture of collaboration between our two official languages.
  • We encourage inclusive education to meet the needs of all students.
  • We promote educational experiences to support the success of Aboriginal students.
  • We welcome newly arrived families to the Division and their community.
  • We plan the prospective growth of the Division.
  • We maintain our continued commitment to effective professional development for divisional staff.

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