Study in Canada, choose Red Leaf

With extensive experience of more than 37 years shaping the citizens of the future, Red Leaf GROUP is the leading company in international educational mobility with Canada as its exclusive destination.

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Study in Canada, choose Red Leaf

Academic programs

Academic programs

Enjoy a true and full integration into Canadian life, like just another Canadian student. School, social and family life.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Summer camps give international campers the opportunity to have a unique experience in a fully Canadian environment.

Summer Courses

Summer Courses

Immerse yourself in our language immersion courses without English classes, enjoy a stay with a host family along with a High School Integration experience.

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Why Red Leaf?

We added more than 37 years of experience, closeness, transparency, security, safety and innovation.

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Why study in Canada?

Because Canada is synonymous with culture, respect, nature, quality of life and above all, education.

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Where to study in Canada?

In any of the 9 provinces we work with, more information on the link.

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The education system

It is one of the best educational systems in the world, and we are not just saying it.

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The School Boards

We work with more than 70 School Boards and more than 700 schools in Canada.

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Summer camps and courses

Experience the Canadian summer like another Canadian. We assure you that this summer will last a lifetime.

Summer camps and courses

Parent and child testimonials

My daughter attended for the competitive swim program. She had a great time and will be going back. Thank you for providing this opportunity for her.

Shannon Thew Camper Mother

White Pine is rooted in a philosophy of love and inclusion. The staff return year after year and genuinely want to make a difference in kidsu2019 lives. I envy my kids and their summers at White Pine. Their experiences have already made them better people.

Jason Kimelman Camper father

Every summer we send our children to Wahanowin, we know they are getting the experience of a lifetime. They get to go to a truly unique camp filled with joy and passion and spirit.

Jordan and Deborah Kerbel Camper parent

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