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Our Families, the truly canadian experience

Red Leaf local coordinators carefully recruit host families that are dedicated to sharing not just their homes with students, but also the authentic experience of daily life in Canada. Throughout this unique and unforgettable stay, the host family becomes an integral part of a student's experience and connection to Canada.

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Its multicultural society and safe, secure environment make it a top choice in the eyes of parents. One of the key ingredients behind Red Leaf’s success however, is our trustworthy and hardworking partners, who share the same enthusiasm and love for Canada.

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Discover Canada, the perfect destination for a modern and quality education.

Education as a priority:

The Canadian educational system ranks high among Western countries.

Excellent quality of life:

Canada is the 3rd best place in the world to live. With one of the lowest unemployment levels in the world, their life expectancy is 82 years, 2 more than the OECD average.

High levels of security:

Canada is, according to the 2019 Global Peace Index, the safest country in America and one of the safest in the world, ranking 6.

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An open and tolerant country:

Canada is a country of immigrants, where multicultural diversity is encouraged. It receives more than 250 thousand immigrants per year in a legal and perfectly regulated manner.

Has great conscience for the environment:

Canada has 42 national parks and reserves. From the coast of British Columbia to the Rocky Mountains, through the maple syrup region on the Great Lakes.

Canada is a bilingual society:

Thanks to its British and French origins, it is a perfectly bilingual country.


Red Leaf is Canada's premier specialty education provider!
We have an exhaustive knowledge of the country, its provinces, its International programs and its School Boards and School Districts.


Red Leaf is Education in Canada.
We advise parents, students, schools, Institutions and Governments in international educational programs.

An expert team

At Red Leaf  our commitment is to: permanent innovation, commitment to Canada and its educational system, and to transparency in management.

Red Leaf families

Accommodation with a Canadian family is our hallmark.
We also offer a unique educational experience.
We will always guide the student in their personal and training needs.

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