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Everything ready for your trip to Canada
What happens when you return?

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360º concept in which the needs of each student overlap; They are accompanied at all times and receive personalized treatment.

1. Interview

A first contact where we get to know you and carry out an evaluation of your preferences, tastes and expectations. It all starts here, Canada is for you.

2. Advice

Our educational experts will send you, without obligation, a specific proposal for the province and school district that will adapt to everything you have indicated to us in the initial interview. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

3. Everything is ready for your trip to Canada. Preparations begin!

At Red Leaf we know what is best for you, that is why, when you choose us, we will help and guide you so that you can carry out your trip with success and agility. all the procedures, paperwork and your study visa.

4. Accompaniment

In Spain and Canada, our team is with you 24/7. We will help you in the phase prior to the start of the program, during the process and upon your return. We have an office in Canadian territory and local coordinators. You have us for everything.

5. What happens when you get back?

Keep calm & Take it easy. Returning to Spain after a program abroad can generate a “Reverse Cultural Shock”, but at Red Leaf we will also guide you during the readjustment stage to your country of origin. Don't worry, if more than 80,000 students have been able to, so can you.

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Why Red Leaf is the best option?

More than 40 years with Canada as a unique destination

We are experts in Canada. If you are looking for a safe, welcoming destination with an excellent educational system... We are your ideal advisors.

More than 80,000 #Redleafers

We are proud to have been part of the best experience of numerous students. We bring you closer to Canadian culture, its language and its customs.

85 school districts in 9 provinces

We work with nearly a hundred school districts, so you can choose a high school that has everything you need in the province you like the most.

Always by your side

You will never be alone. We will advise you on your decisions and accompany you throughout this experience. With an office in Canada and Spanish coordinators on the ground, you will always have someone to count on on the other side of the pond.

Advice included

From the first contact we promise to give you the best advice service, free and without obligation. We encourage you to ask everything necessary to clear up your doubts. We are transparent in our processes and we do not have small print.

Our programs are innovative

We have student and summer programs of our own. From a school year to our English & Homestay, to numerous adult programs at the University of Toronto.

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