Edmonton Public Schools


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  • Years old From 13 to 18 years old
  • Grade From Grade 8 to Grade 12
  • Nearby airports Edmonton International Airport (YEG)
  • Location type urban / rural
  • Accomodation Host Family
  • Nearest cities Namao (24 min.) Fort Saskatchewan (31 min.) Red Deer (101 min.)

Study in Edmonton Public Schools

Edmonton Public Schools is located in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. It is a school district that always prides itself on welcoming and demonstrating international students from all over the world to its educational programs.

Students enroll full-time in academic courses, English courses, mathematics, social studies, and science, including biology, chemistry, and physics. On the other hand, the district has complementary courses such as arts, dance or sports.

Both the IB Program (International Baccalaureate) and the AP Program (College Credit for High School Students) are available to qualified international students. Help or support in English is always available for all levels.

As an international student you are offered challenging academic courses and language improvement programs always integrated with other Canadian students. The international program is based on academic excellence and prepare you to continue studies at the university or institute level.

They have a Canadian host family program as they believe it is the best way to learn Canadian culture and improve the language.

Edmonton Public Schools

1 Kingsway Northwest

Edmonton AB T5H 4G9, Canadá


Educational ideology


Provide a shared philosophical basis to guide work, strategic planning, and decision making in the District. To reflect the Board's responsibility and expectation of providing a welcoming, inclusive, safe, and healthy work and learning environment throughout the District.


Transform today's students into tomorrow's leaders.


We achieve student success through high-quality learning opportunities, backed by students, parents, staff, and community, who are meaningfully engaged.


Responsibility, collaboration, equity and integrity.

District priorities

Encourage the growth and success of every student by supporting their journey from the beginning of their school life to the end of high school and beyond.
Provide high-quality, welcoming learning and working environments.
Improve public education through communication, engagement, and partnerships.

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