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Eden Woods

The perfect place for children to really disconnect


From 12 to 16 years


English level

From Intermediate

to Advanced


Accommodation type




100 people


Eden Woods is a camp that prides itself on offering an authentic Canadian experience to the campers who attend. Due to its location and the structure of its program, campers will be able to enjoy aquatic, sports, and artistic activities.

Every summer they host about 100 campers per session, which allows for a more familiar atmosphere and ensures integration as one more Canadian.

Camp Eden Woods is part of the OCA (Ontario Camps Association), an organization that promotes the quality and safety of camping experiences.

Program Structure

Camp Eden Woods is structured in such a way that campers can explore what activities they like and dislike. In this way, each day they are given the freedom to grow, discover and have fun.

The days are full of things to do and there is no set schedule. The structure of the program and the layout of the activities alternate, so campers enjoy a great variety and freedom.

Every day you can enjoy the "Daily Free Choice" where the camper chooses the activity they want to do that day, which is ideal for personal discovery.

Eden Woods

Eden Woods

6073 Elephant Lake Road

Highland Grove ON K0L 2A0, Canadá

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Opinion of an Expert.

Eden Woods is a totally family camp, very simple but perfect for the integration of international campers. Its size facilitates a more liberal structure where the camper can change their mind and activities every d...

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