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From 12 to 16 years


English level

From Intermediate

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250 people


Celtic is a camp that offers high-quality programs in the following areas: water and land sports, arts, adventure, environmental education, and leadership. It welcomes about 250 young people between the ages of 12 and 16 every summer and due to this smaller number of campers, the camp offers a more family-friendly atmosphere.

Established in 1984, its staff promises exceptional care and training to campers in a safe, natural environment, free from technological distractions.

Camp Celtic is part of the OCA (Ontario Camps Association), an organization that promotes the quality and safety of camping experiences.

Program Structure

The Celtic camp is divided into sessions that usually last between 7 and 10 days per session, and each one has different activities to choose from in each of them.

In the change that occurs between the different sessions, the campers, whose stay lasts more than one session, participate in the STAY OVER program, where a series of activities are carried out such as parties on the beach, movies, gymkhanas... All of this with the help of the supervision of Celtic staff and while new campers settle into camp.

In this way, when the change between sessions 2 and 3 occurs, the campers will enjoy an excursion to Owen Sound City, where they will live a day of fun, shopping, movies, and dinner with their companions.



248 Stokes Bay Road

Lion's Head ON N0H 1W0, Canadá

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The Celtic camp is ideal for those who want to feel welcomed and integrated. Its great extension and location differentiate it from the others since it is located on the Bruce Peninsula, an ideal place to carry out...

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