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Winnipeg School Division

Manitoba's capital city


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Cold with snowfall and sunny days


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Winnipeg Richardson International Airport


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750K Inhabitants


The Winnipeg School Division is the largest and most diverse of the 6 existing metropolitan divisions in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With 78 schools, including 12 high schools, offering immersive experiences in English and French, Winnipeg has a long history of illustrious graduates, from scientists, to business leaders and famous philosophers to professional athletes, human rights activists, and Grammy winners.

The Winnipeg School Division is very proud of its exceptional teaching staff. The Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching honors exceptional primary and secondary school teachers.

Winnipeg offers not only traditional academic programming, including the International Baccalaureate Program and Advanced Placement for grades 7-12, but also superior instruction in English, as well as many special programs. From performing arts to culinary arts, aerospace technology, applied commerce, medical professional programs, and more, there is something for everyone in the Winnipeg School Division!

Beginning with the application, through attendance and completion of studies, the staff of the International Education Program provides committed and dedicated student support. During the stay, the District will organize educational support and communication with the student's educational agent.

The District's educational mission is to help each student participate, develop confidence, be inspired, and succeed. Winnipeg is not only an excellent and inexpensive option, but is 100% committed to cultural diversity and equal opportunity.
"C'est si bon tout ensemble!" - "Together is better!"

Number of District Schools: 78. With International programs: 8

Number of Students: 33,000. Internationals: 110

Nearest Airport: Richardson International (YWG) - Winnipeg Airport

Winnipeg School Division

Winnipeg School Division

1577 Wall Street East

Winnipeg MB R3E 0P2, Canadá
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