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Upper Grand District School Board

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from Grade 8
to Grade 12
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Hamilton (44 min.)
Toronto (80 min.)
London (86 min.)
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english and french
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Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

Upper Grand District School Board

The Upper Grand District (UGDSB) is located in the city of Guelph, one hour from Toronto. It is an area rich in culture, architecture, parks, rivers and green areas. International students can enjoy an urban stay (Guelph or Orangeville) or a more rural stay (Fergus, Palmerston, Erin, etc.) depending on the assigned school.

The international UGDSB program is flexible and allows you to select the contents according to the objective set by the student, who, throughout his stay at the school, will receive qualified support to help him achieve the objectives. A wide variety of programs are offered, the student can take them while completing their studies to obtain the Ontario Secondary School diploma. Some of these programs are: art, environmental leadership, business and “Hockey Canada Skills Academy Leadership Course”. It also has IB (International Baccalaureate), AP (college credit for high school students), French immersion and Specialist High Skills Major programs.

All UGDSB schools offer a wide range of academic, technological, artistic and sports programs. Many of the schools offer English for Foreigners (ESL). In addition, schools with international students have a counselor who guides them throughout the course.

500 Victoria Road North
Guelph ON N1E 6K2

Educational ideology


Students will achieve individual excellence through an educational and dynamic program provided by effective staff and supported by a committed community. They will help meet the diverse needs of our students by providing equitable and accessible resources. Our learning environment will be characterized by committed professionals, effective communication, and mutual and compassionate respect.

  • Student learning is our primary goal.
  • The learning process is open and inclusive.
  • Education is the responsibility of the entire community.
  • Embracing diversity contributes positively in the community.
  • Teachers must make a difference and decisively contribute to positive change.
  • Leaders must focus entirely on students.
  • Continuous professional development contributes to life-long learning.
  • A safe physical environment needs to be permanently supported.
  • A respectful learning environment fosters personal growth.
  • Opportunities and resources must be equitably distributed.
  • Everyone should be treated with respect.


"Made in Canada" experiences

  • “ La Junta Escolar del Distrito de Upper Grand ha estado trabajando con Red Leaf durante 4 años. Continuamos impresionados y agradecidos por su profesionalismo en todos los asuntos relacion...” more
    Doug Morrell
    Superintendent of Education at Upper Grand District School Board
    Miembro de la Junta - Upper Grand District School Board

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