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Surrey Schools (School District No. 36 in the Province of British Columbia), is located in the urban area around Vancouver, about 40 minutes from the city centre.

Surrey Schools administers all public schools in the cities of Surrey and White Rock. With 19 secondary schools (Grades 8-12) and over 100 elementary schools (Grades 1-7), it is the largest school district in the province of BC, with over 1000 students from all over the world integrated into a population of 70,000 Canadian students.

All Surrey schools offer the same high level of academic programming, but vary in size, specialization and location within the City of Surrey. Integrated into regular classes, international students receive welcoming support from school staff and Canadian students themselves. English as a Second Language (ESL) support is provided as needed.
International students who successfully complete all requirements receive a graduation diploma known as the B.C. Dogwood Diploma: the same awarded to local high school students.

Number of District Schools: 125. With International programmes: 20.

Total number of students: 72.000. International: 1,200

Closest Airport: Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Surrey Schools

Surrey Schools

14033 92 Avenue

Surrey BC V3V 1J5, Canadá

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