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Sooke School District

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Sooke School District

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With Red Leaf since
Degree / Course
from Grade 8
to Grade 12
Most important city
Saanich (7 min.)
Sidney (29 min.)
Sooke (45 min.)
Location Type
urban , rural
Program Languages
english and french
Nearest airport
Victoria International Airport (YYJ)
British Columbia

Sooke School District

The Sooke School District is located in the Greater Victoria region, south of Vancouver Island. It is the center of a residential town surrounded by fishing villages along the west coast of British Columbia. It is located about 20-30 minutes west of downtown Victoria.

The Public Schools Program is accredited by the BC Ministry of Education. It welcomes around 250 international students each year within a population of 8,500 local students. It is a growing School District due to the transfer of families from the more urban regions of Victoria, creating a dynamic and familiar environment to live and study; Due to this growth in 2015 two new High Schools were opened: Belmont Secondary and Royal Bay Secondary.

Students who choose to study at Sooke schools have the opportunity to join the classes like another Canadian. While studying, they can participate in a wide variety of academic and specialized courses such as: computing, graphic design, concert and jazz band, performing arts, psychology, business, etc.

The natural beauty of the coastline, the caring and welcoming character of the community, and the proximity to downtown Victoria, create the perfect environment for students to live and study in Sooke.


814 Goldstream Avenue
Victoria BC V9B 2X7

Educational ideology


Develop adaptive learners who are creative, critical, and social thinkers with the ability to be global citizens. To improve student participation and success at school. To create and support innovative teaching and learning environments. Develop choice programs that respond to the voice of students and the community. Build capacity, innovation and commitment to educational and personal technology that fosters digital literacy, citizenship, rights and responsibilities


Promote a collaborative and healthy environment through effective commitment and communication. Create a healthy environment that promotes wellness. Promote a greater sense of community by engaging with all stakeholders. Create a safe, flexible and culturally responsive environment that meets the needs of all, particularly the Aboriginal communities with which we work. Promote a higher degree of employee satisfaction and morale. Invest in widespread employees who learn opportunities that respond to the needs of employees and the system.


To adapt to growth and demographic changes by creating safe and respectful environments that inspire learning. To maintain and plan the required resources and infrastructure. Provide leadership in educational administration and environmental practices. Maximize the capacity of existing schools and services while protecting space and a sense of community. Secure appropriate land in areas of projected growth and maintain and develop organizational capacity around that growth.

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