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British Columbia

Rocky Mountain School District

A landscape to admire


From 13 to 18 years



From Grade 8

to Grade 12



Temperate with heavy rain


Nearby Airports

Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies International Airport (YXC)


Site Type






35K Inhabitants


Rocky Mountain School District is characterized by its high educational level based on cultural exchange and the acquisition of the English language. The school also maximizes the experience of international students by fostering friendship with Canadian students.

RMISP is located in the same Rocky Mountains of Canada, a unique place in the world, providing the School District with large recreational areas of recognized worldwide prestige (such as its ski resorts). Thanks to this, some of its flagship activities are outdoor camp courses or ski emergency patrols, which offer a unique opportunity to learn and gain experience at the same time. Other elective activities are robotics, forensic science ("CSI" style), culinary arts, digital communication, web design, fire fighting, and tourism. Among the sports courses the district offers ice hockey, soccer and volleyball.

Students stay in the cities of Revelstoke, Golden, lnvermere, Kimberley, Cranbrook or Fernie, all six are beautiful mountain communities. The people who live there love their region, but they like to show it to all international students.

Live, experience and learn in one of the most beautiful places in Canada.


Rocky Mountain School District

Rocky Mountain School District

8676 British Columbia 95A

Kimberley BC V1A 3L1, Canadá
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