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Nova Scotia - South Shore - Regional Centre for Education



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From Grade 8

to Grade 12


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The Nova Scotia International Program (more information here) manages and coordinates the 7 Centers for Education (also known as Regional School Boards) of the Nova Scotia Region, thus offering a wide offer and at the same time very closely managed thanks to our own local student support structures.

Located on the south coast of Nova Scotia, the South Shore School District. South Shore is well known for its beautiful white sand beaches and its seafaring past. Traditionally, sail-powered wooden boats centered their entire fishing industry in the region. Today, sailing is a common recreational activity.

The region presents many attractions to enjoy outdoors framed within a setting as beautiful as it is picturesque: a day of adventure surfing on the beach or relaxing on some of its magnificent rivers. As in all areas of Nova Scotia, South Shore residents are known for their friendly and welcoming demeanor.


Nova Scotia - South Shore - Regional Centre for Education

Nova Scotia - South Shore - Regional Centre for Education

69 Wentzell Drive

Bridgewater NS B4V 0A2, Canadá
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