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British Columbia

Greater Victoria School District

British Columbia capital


From 13 to 18 years



From Grade 8

to Grade 12



Temperate with abundant rain


Nearby Airports

Victoria International Airport (YYJ)


Site Type




92K Inhabitants


The Greater Victoria School District is located in Victoria, British Columbia. Greater Victoria is a District highly recognized by International Students (HIVSP) for its quality and the excellence of its educational programs.

High Schools offer complete integration with Canadian students. They offer a wide variety of optional courses, English language support, high-quality facilities, extra-curricular activities, and a wide variety of outdoor sports facilities.

HIVSP carefully selects host families, which are directly chosen and approved by themselves. Living with a Canadian family is a great opportunity to get to know and experience Canadian culture, while improving language skills.

HIVSP also supports students with international coordinators both within the school itself and with families.

Victoria is the capital of the Province of British Columbia. Located on the west coast of Canada, it is a medium-sized city that has all the amenities and attractions of a big city. Victoria is known worldwide for its natural beauty, its mild climate throughout the year, and its simple way of life, making it the perfect choice to experience Canadian life.

Greater Victoria School District

Greater Victoria School District

556 Boleskine Road

Victoria BC V8Z 1E8, Canadá
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