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British Columbia

Chilliwack School District

The Green Heart of the Province


From 13 to 18 years



From Grade 8

to Grade 12



Temperate with heavy rain


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Vancouver International Airport (YVR)


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114K Inhabitants


The Chilliwack School District offers international students an exceptional educational program. The District encourages the learning of foreign languages, such as English or French, as their respective cultures.

The District offers updated and modern facilities, such as computers, bookstores, arts room, science rooms, among others. Students are free to explore their best talents. As for the arts programs, it has classes in guitar, theater, cinema, music ...

The sports they offer are quite a physical challenge, but also a mental stimulus, ice hockey, curling and "ultimate frisbee" are some examples.

The Chilliwack community has beautiful gardens and public parks, plus lakes and waterfalls just minutes from town. Throughout the year they celebrate different and varied fairs and competitions that enrich the student's stay. To all this, it is added that the city is only an hour from Vancouver.

The number of international students is very limited to ensure that each student receives the individual attention necessary to guarantee educational success. 98% of students speak English as their native language and this offers a unique immersion opportunity for international students as they make Canadian friends, improve their vocabulary and achieve educational success.

In addition, the Colleges, together with the community, offer extensive sports programs and numerous clubs. All of this makes Chilliwack a fun place to learn, play, and make new friends.

Chilliwack School District

Chilliwack School District

8430 Cessna Drive

Chilliwack BC V2P 7K4, Canadá
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