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British Columbia

Campbell River School District

World salmon capital


From 14 to 18 years



From Grade 9

to Grade 12



Temperate with heavy rain


Nearby Airports

Comox Valley Airport (YQQ)


Site Type





35K Inhabitants


Campbell River School District schools are renowned for their academic quality, their sports academy, and the career opportunities it creates. In addition to extracurricular activities such as technology, audiovisuals, the arts, leadership and entrepreneurship.

The district is committed to keeping the percentage of international students small so that English immersion is maximum and they can create friendships with Canadians.

Its international program is flexible to solve any need that each of the students may have. Family and program coordinators meet with them regularly to check their safety and satisfaction with the host family, their academic and personal growth, so that their educational experience is the best.

The School District is located on the Campbell River. It is a charming English-speaking city with about 32,000 inhabitants and offers a wide variety of activities for students: snowboarding, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, golf ...

Twice a month, all students are offered trips to Victoria and Vancouver for camping, or just hanging out with friends around a bonfire on the beach and enjoying a Canadian experience.

Campbell River School District

Campbell River School District

425 Pinecrest Road

Campbell River BC V9W 3P2, Canadá
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