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Linguistic Immersion without English Classes

A complete linguistic immersion without the need to attend English classes. Live with a native family, do activities and go on a hike once a week.

  • Age: 12 to 18 years
  • Duration: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Choose: Family Immersion
overnight camps

Personal development and empathy through Cultural Immersion

Red Leaf presents a unique program designed specifically for teens ages 14-17, focused on significantly improving their communication skills. This program gives young people the opportunity to develop essential soft skills, such as effective communication and empathy, by immersing themselves in a totally new culture. By living closely with a host family, participants experience a different environment, learning and growing within a new family and culture.

Personal development and empathy through <strong>Cultural Immersion</strong>

Learning English in a warm family environment

The "Family Immersion" course is specially designed for those looking to perfect their English in a home environment. Total immersion in a host family allows participants to integrate into their daily life, participating in their daily routines and activities. This experience is enriched with excursions and activities with other international participants. Cohabitation with a member of the host family of close age is ensured (up to 3 years apart) and that all families consist of at least two members. The participant will be the only Spanish speaker in the house, although they can share the experience with another participant of a different nationality. Families are carefully selected by Red Leaf Canada.

Learning English in a warm <strong>family environment</strong>

Safety and ongoing assistance for participants

Red Leaf guarantees complete support during the trip and stay. In-flight monitor with a minimum group of 10 participants, general coordinators deployed to the field who make several visits and calls throughout the program and the participant's stay. Canadian local coordinator. Red Leaf offices in Canada and Mexico have a 24/7 emergency telephone number. Transportation to and from the meeting point with the host families is also included, ensuring a safe and well-coordinated experience from the beginning to the end of the program.

<strong>Safety and ongoing assistance</strong> for participants

3 or 4 weeks

Host Family

July or August