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History and Legacy

Founded in 1966, Centennial College is proud to be the premier community education institution in Ontario, Canada. With a long tradition of exemplary teaching, innovative programming and extensive partnership building, the college has established its presence in the eastern region of the Greater Toronto Area through five campuses and seven satellite locations. Its rich history and dedication to academic excellence make it an attractive option for those seeking higher education in Canada.

<strong>History</strong> and Legacy

Broad Academic Offerings

Centennial College offers a diversity of more than 400 diploma, degree and certificate programs that can be the springboard for your professional career. In addition, the college encourages expanding horizons with accredited programs, pioneering research projects and international partnerships that offer semesters or internships abroad, all within an educational framework based on the principles of global citizenship, equity and social inclusion.

Broad <strong>Academic Offerings</strong>

Diversity and Inclusion

With a community of nearly 100 ethnocultural groups and 80 languages spoken on campus, Centennial College stands out as one of the most multiculturally rich post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Its 2016 recognition as one of Canada's Top 10 Research Colleges highlights its commitment to inclusion and academic excellence, providing an enriching environment for students from all parts of the world.

<strong>Diversity</strong> and Inclusion

Commitment to Wellness

Centennial College establishes an environment of respect and support through policies and procedures that protect the rights and responsibilities of all students, staff and faculty. Its mission, vision, and values reflect a commitment to creating an environment conducive to learning, teaching, and working, which is essential to ensuring a positive educational experience abroad.

Commitment to <strong>Wellness</strong>

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