Red Leaf Canada 2014 Program Brochure

Red Leaf Canada 2014 Program Brochure


Welcome to Red Leaf, Canada's Student Programs and Volunteer Experts

Red Leaf has been specializing in summer camps and high school programs for 20 years.

As a Summer Camp specialist we offer both Residential and Homestay options in small and safe communities across Canada.

In addition to a curriculum specially designed for children and teenagers, a great variety of excursions, activities and workshops, we offer intensive programs such as Four to One and Total Immersion in families, Homestay English lessons, and other unique options such as English and Eco Volunteering and Canadian Village which combines 2 on 1 tuition by Canadian university students with daily outings and excursions!

Since 2010, our English on the Road program has attracted students of many nationalities to a unique travel and learning opportunity.

From September to June we are pleased to recommend our High School and Ministay programs in communities in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

We select our partner schools and school boards based on their reputation, size, flexibility, and academic excellence, as well as the warm welcome they offer to international students.
Red Leaf Canada Student Programs

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Red Leaf Canada Student Programs

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