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Total Immersion: Summer + High School

It combines the best of a Summer Program in August and a real Canadian High School experience in the autumn.

  • Age: 14 to 17 years
  • Duration: 4 weeks in August + 4, 12 or 15 weeks from Sept. to Dec.
  • Choose: Summer + High School with 4, 12 or 15 weeks

¿What is a Summer Immersion and High School Experience?

This program combines an amazing summer with a Trimester in a high school. This course is designed for participants to improve their level of English in a family atmosphere and through total immersion in a friendly environment; by immersing themselves in the daily rhythm of their host family and taking part in activities and excursions. From September onwards, participants will start attending a high school on a daily basis like any other Canadian student. The program consists of 4 weeks during the month of August and 4, 12 or 15 additional weeks during the months of September to December (depending on the selected Trimester Programme).

¿What is a <strong>Summer Immersion and High School Experience</strong>?

Your daily life with a host family

Get ready for an exceptional experience where you will be welcomed as one of the host family, being part of their day to day life. You will have the opportunity to explore life in this country while you build family ties, learn their customs and perfect your English.

The participant will be the only Spanish speaker in the house during the program, and may share his/her stay with another student of a different nationality.

Your daily life with a <strong>host family</strong>

The most complete high school experience

The Trimester Programme represents a unique experience to get to know the Canadian culture and educational system, while improving the level of English. During the months of August to December (depending on the selected Trimester Programme) the student will feel like a Canadian studying in a School District in the province of Ontario.

The most complete <strong>high school</strong> experience

August + 4, 12 or 15 weeks

Host Family

August to December


What does the program include?

  • Two half-day activities and one excursion per week.
  • Local Canadian coordinator for the duration of the program.
  • Support from Red Leaf Canada office coordinators.
  • A.L.C.E. METHOD: A new 360º concept in which all the needs of each student and each family are considered and prioritized in a process of accompaniment and totally personalized treatment.
  • Transfers from the Canadian airport to your Canadian home at the beginning of the program and from your Canadian home to the airport at the end of the program. Two transfers.
  • Tuition, books, sports and socio-cultural activities (not optional) included in the curriculum.
  • Intermundial medical, travel and liability insurance (optional).
  • 24/7 emergency telephone.
  • Stay with a host family on a full board basis.
  • Supervision and follow-up at destination.