Summer Camps

Participating in a camp in Canada will allow you to develop your skills: not only to improve English, but also to work as a team, empathy, self-esteem and independence, and all this in a playful and fun environment with games, sports activities, theater , crafts and much more located in spectacular natural spaces.

Enjoy the Canadian camps: nature in its purest form, an apprenticeship in values, the union of different cultures, a place of personal growth and the camper circle of friendship, adventure and unforgettable experience.

Overnight Camps

Overnight Camps

Summer camps give international campers the opportunity to have a unique experience in a fully Canadian environment.

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Day Camps

Day Camps

Combine an authentic Canadian camp where you meet new friends and enjoy an unforgettable experience from Monday to Friday, while living with a host family.

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2022-2023 Programs

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Why Red Leaf?

We added more than 38 years of experience, closeness, transparency, security, safety and innovation.

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Why study in Canada?

Because Canada is synonymous with culture, respect, nature, quality of life and above all, education.

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Where to study in Canada?

In any of the 9 provinces we work with, more information on the link.

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The education system

It is one of the best educational systems in the world, and we are not just saying it.

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The School Boards

We work with more than 70 School Boards and more than 700 schools in Canada.

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Summer camps and courses

Experience the Canadian summer like another Canadian. We assure you that this summer will last a lifetime.

Summer camps and courses