The education system

School Boards

At Red Leaf, we work with more than 70 School Boards in the 9 English-speaking provinces of Canada (all except Quebec and the three uninhabited territories) and with more than 700 schools, which allows us to offer our students a wide variety of options to choose from, across Canada. From the eastern coastal provinces such as Nova Scotia to British Columbia on the Pacific Ocean.

Discover the school districts of each province.

The School Boards (also called School Districts) are the official educational organizations that manage the schools and Middle and High Schools in a given area.

  • 82 School Boards
British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador

British Columbia

  • 28 School Boards


  • 1 School Boards


  • 25 School Boards

New Brunswick

  • 1 School Boards

Nova Scotia

  • 8 School Boards


  • 12 School Boards


  • 7 School Boards