Qualicum School District

British Columbia

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  • Years old From 13 to 18 years old
  • Grade From Grade 8 to Grade 12
  • Nearby airports Comox Valley Airport (YQQ)
  • Location type urban / rural
  • Accomodation Host Family
  • Nearest cities Qualicum Beach (11 min.) Comox Valley (52 min.)

Study in Qualicum School District

Qualicum School District is located in the city of Parksville on Vancouver Island.

Qualicum attracts international students from all over the world and offers them the opportunity to live with local families, study at a Canadian school, and enjoy a wonderful life on Vancouver Island. It offers English for Foreigners (ESL) with highly experienced teachers to ensure the best possible education.

Qualicum has a wide variety of sports and cultural organizations and offers the opportunity to participate in excellent academies, performing arts and sports activities, including specialized golf, soccer, hockey, dance and music programs. It has an orientation department specialized in stimulating international students to participate in the school's sports activities: soccer, baseball, beach volleyball, ice hockey, tennis, golf, swimming, dance, skating, snowboarding, horse riding, karate, etc.


Qualicum School District

100 Jensen Avenue East

Parksville BC V9P 2G5, Canadá


Live the experience of studying at Qualicum School District

Educational ideology

The Qualicum School District has a well-deserved reputation for academics, the arts and athletics, outdoor programs, and innovative practice. Our commitment is to provide personal educational experiences that are flexible and responsive to each student's unique needs and passions. Our vision is to be a community where we are preparing today's students for tomorrow's world.

They have Building Learning Together (BLT) programs that support early learning and literacy for children and their families, as well as many programs for youth, adults, and seniors.

Parents play a crucial role in preparing their child for a life of learning; There is much that parents can do to ensure their children get off to a good start in school and in life; and that it is in the best interest of the community to ensure that parents have access to resources, because when our children succeed, our community thrives.

School District 69 (Qualicum) is committed to providing inclusive opportunities for all of our students. We believe that all students should be educated in regular classrooms and in age-appropriate settings. We strive to provide support in the classroom environment whenever possible, including curricular accommodations, classroom accommodation, and other supports to meet the needs of students. Individual and small group support is provided for students who cannot fully meet their learning needs in a standardized environment.

Our purpose is to build collaborative, personalized and inclusive learning communities that develop flexible students who are active members of an increasingly diverse society.

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