North Vancouver School District

British Columbia
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  • Years old From 13 to 18 years old
  • Grade From Grade 8 to Grade 12
  • Nearby airports Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
  • Location type urban
  • Accomodation Host Family
  • Nearest cities Vancouver (29 min.) (22 min.)

Study in North Vancouver School District

North Vancouver school district is known for the natural beauty of its surroundings and is located in a privileged area known as “North Shore” between the coast, the mountains and the ocean, it is 15 minutes from Vancouver. It welcomes students from all over the world in its 6 secondary and 25 primary schools. Its students achieve a high academic level that is demonstrated in their high annual grades.

International students are fully integrated into our culture and are encouraged to participate in all educational activities offered by the school through programs such as: music bands, stringed instruments, theater, field trips and humanitarian trips. They enjoy a healthy lifestyle by participating in many outdoor activities, the mountains of the north coast (Grouse and Seymour) provide skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, etc. In addition, they have sports facilities where they can practice, basketball, golf, rugby, futsal, hockey. Students often do well in sports competitions between British Columbia schools.


North Vancouver School District

2121 Lonsdale Avenue

North Vancouver BC V7M 2K6, Canadá

Educational ideology

North Vancouver offers the highest possible level of academic excellence to its students from kindergarten through 12th grade and is committed to offering high-quality, comprehensive educational programs consisting of more than 200 provincial and locally developed programs and services. We provide world-class instruction and a rich diversity of exciting programs to inspire the success of every student and bring communities together to learn, share, and grow.

Participation in both our international and host family programs helps foster relationships between international and Canadian students by sharing time, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. The North Vancouver School District strives to recognize that all students are unique and valued and deserve to study in a safe and nurturing environment.

All teachers are certified by the British Columbia government and use a variety of modern methods to provide students with high-quality instruction. Students in the North Vancouver School District regularly perform well on the provincial reading, writing, and numeracy assessments and on the provincial scholarship tests.

Homestay plays a key role in the international student experience and greatly improves the overall success of these students. The primary purpose of homestay placement is to provide international students with the opportunity to experience life with a Canadian family while developing their English language skills in a welcoming and comfortable home environment. While living in a homestay, international students learn and begin to adapt to Canadian culture and develop lifelong friendships.

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North Vancouver School District and the surrounding area

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