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What are the Overnight Camps?

Canadian camps, from Canadians to Canadians, spiced up with a multicultural mix of international campers. With everything that only a Canadian camp can provide: nature in its purest form, an apprenticeship in values, the union of different cultures, a place of personal growth and the camper circle of friendship, adventure and unforgettable experience.
Within the Camps offer, you have various options depending on your interests and your camper profile:

  • Multi-activity: Is there anything more to say?
  • Sports: From your favorite sport to the one that you couldn't even imagine being able to practice.
  • Art: Drawing, photography, theater, design, and much more.
  • Leadership: Thought and designed to develop the leader in you, including modules on: team management, values-based training, active listening, etc.

Enjoying a camp in Canada will allow you to develop your skills: not only to improve English, but also to teamwork, empathy, self-esteem and independence, and all this in a playful and fun environment with games, sports activities, theater , crafts and much more, framed in spectacular natural spaces. A 100% camper experience that will change your life and where you will make Canadian friends and friends from other parts of the world, develop your talent and live an extraordinary summer as just another young Canadian.

What does the program include?

  • Accommodation
  • Meals and activities program of the camp
  • Laundry facilities and tuck shop
  • Transfers from the airport to the camp
  • Emergency telephone 24/7
  • General coordinator in the area
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