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What is Familiy Immersion?

This course is designed for participants who want to improve their level of English in a family environment. In this program you integrate yourself into the daily life of the family, you will have the opportunity to experience all the aspects of your family’s life in Canada. Students will experience 2 half day activities per week and one full day excursion per week. Full day excursions will sometimes be with your family, and sometimes be with a group of international students. 

The host family will have a child in the home within 3 years of age of the student and the family will consist of at least 2 members. There may be another international student in the home, but you will be the only student of your nationality. 

Red Leaf Program coordinators will check in on students throughout their stay, and will have an emergency phone available to students 24/7 while they are in Canada.

What does the program include?

  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • Host family accommodation with full board
  • One full day excursion per week
  • General coordinator in the area
  • Canadian local coordinator throughout the program
  • Emergency telephone 24/7
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