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  • Years old From 12 to 16 years old
  • Duration 4 weeks in August
  • Accomodation Cabins
  • English level Intermediate - Advanced
  • Capacity 500 campers

Study in Wanakita

Camp Wanakita is a camp that welcomes about 500 campers between the ages of 9 and 17 every summer throughout summer.

Its motto is: “Provide opportunities for the development of a healthy respect and appreciation of oneself, of others, and of Nature”.

They see it as their duty to create a fun and energetic environment where young people can feel safe to develop, gain confidence and independence, and try new things.

Camp Wanakita is part of the OCA (Ontario Camps Association), an organization that promotes the quality and safety of camping experiences.


1883 Koshlong Lake Road

Donald ON K0M 1S0, Canadá

Live the experience of studying at Wanakita


Program structure

All Wanakita programs place a special emphasis on self-improvement and the development of relationships within the group. For this reason, campers are immersed in three types of activities: activities for the entire camp, cabin activities (GCA) and optional activities or PCA (Personal Choice Activities), only for Senior programs.

Wanakita in pictures

Added value

The Wanakita camp belongs to the YMCA group, which is why it is establishing a base of respect for others, for oneself, and for nature. Its wide variety of activities allows campers to grow and have fun while feeling like they belong to a big family. Its leadership program is complete and begins at the age of 15. In this program, much-needed skills are worked on, such as listening, conflict resolution, the power of group work, etc., and traveling by boat is a fundamental part of establishing relationships and links. Wanakita is ideal for all those who want to prepare for the future.

What is included?

  • Emergency telephone number 24/7 Canada
  • Transfers from the airport to the camp, round trip
  • 360º Red Leaf Management
  • General coordinator in the area
  • Accommodation, meals and program of activities of the camp

What is not included?

  • Management of Electronic Travel Authorization, eTA, by the student, $7 CND

Wanakita and the surrounding area

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