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  • Years old From 12 to 16 years old
  • Duration 3 weeks in August
  • Accomodation Cabins
  • English level Intermediate - Advanced
  • Capacity 350 campers

Study in Wahanowin

Wahanowin is a family-friendly camp that offers a wide variety of activities. Every year they renew the activities to ensure fun for all campers, from those who repeat each year to newcomers.

Its differentiating aspect is that its structure is based on the group of cabins, which is essential to ensure the feeling of family and foster lasting friendships.

Its most outstanding values ​​are personal growth, the feeling of community that is formed, and the traditions of the camp.

Camp Wahanowin is part of the OCA (Ontario Camps Association), an organization that promotes the quality and safety of camping experiences.


6726 Rama Road

Washago ON L0K 2B0, Canadá


Program structure

The Wahanowin camp is characterized by its varied program of activities where each day the program director chooses the schedule for each cabin and what activities will be carried out that day. All activities are carried out with the cabin group, which facilitates coexistence and strengthens friendships.

They have a free period (the 6th) where the camper can choose the activity they most want to do.

Wahanowin in pictures

Added value

Wahanowin is a friendly family camp that is strongly grounded in its traditions and values. The camp is close to big cities and not remote, which may be a relief for some parents. His concern for all children to acquire as many skills as possible is something to be appreciated as the program director organizes the schedule so that the campers can experience all that Wahanowin has to offer.

What is included?

  • Accommodation, meals and program of activities of the camp
  • Emergency telephone number 24/7 Canada
  • Transfers from the airport to the camp, round trip
  • 360º Red Leaf Management
  • General coordinator in the area
  • Tuck shop
  • Laundry service

What is not included?

  • Management of Electronic Travel Authorization, eTA, by the student, $7 CND


Every summer we send our children to Wahanowin, we know they are getting the experience of a lifetime. They get to go to a truly unique camp filled with joy and passion and spirit.

Jordan and Deborah Kerbel Camper parent

Wahanowin and the surrounding area

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